Bitcoin Cash Specification

The official specification of the bitcoin cash protocol

The project objectives were clear from the start, “unify and continue the formal documentation of the Bitcoin Cash Protocol.” Prior to this project, published documentation outlining the BCH protocol was fractured and filled with conflicting viewpoints. Rather than provide the BCH community with a single source of truth, the information available was confusing and prohibitive to the growth and diversification of the network.

For this project, we worked with Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) to create a protocol standard of common features and agreed upon specifications. This standard is meant to serve as a collaborative single source of truth for all common BCH specifications. All BCH implementations with conflicting operations are welcome to provide additional information pertaining to their build where necessary.

The protocol provides a clear organization of Bitcoin Cash’s working parts, including a style guide and layout for authors to follow in order to keep the information as uniform as possible. Informational pages are created and maintained as individual markdown (md) files by community members and are hosted by both Software Verde and Bitcoin Unlimited.

Write-authorized accounts are available to those interested in providing technical writing. Although we hope this specification becomes a community effort, registration is currently required in order to prevent the problems currently afflicting available BCH documentation. If you’re interested in learning more about the specification and the inner workings of the BCH protocol, check out the current version here.

Services Provided

  • Documentation Recording
  • Specification Publicization
  • Protocol Standardization
  • Consultation
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