iLeaf Classroom Coursework

An iOS application designed to teach programming concepts to business students

iLeaf is a mobile application that was conceived by The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and developed by Software Verde, LLC. It addresses a unique challenge: how can the Fisher College of Business bridge the gap between Computer Science and Business education and introduce business students to rudimentary computer science engineering concepts?

iLeaf accomplishes this by providing a library of interactive exercises for students to solve through the manipulation of code statements. In doing so, each lesson applies basic computer science & engineering (CSE) concepts to commonly taught exercises, such as supply chain management. The difficulty, CSE concepts, and business problems change with each exercise, giving students a variety of scenarios to solve. When a lesson has been completed, students can use the app to send their answers directly to the professor. The professor can play back each student's series of code statements within app to see their approach at solving the problem.