Jewish Family Services, A Mobile Social Service Hub

The Columbus Service Hub is a web and mobile application developed for Jewish Family Services of Columbus, OH. Jewish Family Services is a non-profit organization providing crucial social services and assistance to meet the complex needs of individuals and families in need.

It is Jewish Family Services’ belief that individuals experiencing poverty often lack the tools and time to access the help they need. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meeting individuals face to face has become nothing but more difficult. In an effort to bridge this service gap Software Verde has worked closely with Jewish Family Services to develop the Columbus Service Hub, an application enabling case managers to ‘meet people where they are’.

This application provides Jewish Family Services a web portal allowing case managers to provide assistance to their individual clients remotely. Available on both Android and iOS, clients using the application are provided with a new communication channel with their casemanagers, a catalog of informational resources, and the ability to be assigned tasks to complete before their next meeting. Ultimately, we believe this application will enable more individuals to seek and receive the help they need while simultaneously empowering Jewish Family Services to serve more clients than ever before.

Services Provided

  • MVP Development
  • Branded UX / UI
  • Data Management
  • Client Management
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Maintenance
  • Production Support
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