City of Dublin, Digital Identities

A digital identity management application utilizing Bitcoin Cash SLP

The purpose of the Dublin Digital Identity Manager is to supply the City of Dublin with a blockchain solution capable of identifying residents of Dublin and securely storing their personally identifiable information (PII). In addition, the City sought the ability to engage users through the transmission of questionnaires and other polling mechanisms. The resulting system is capable of recording all information, resident responses, and preferences in an immutable ledger that has been cryptographically validated and secured. In addition, the identity manager also provides Dublin residents the ability to receive and redeem tokens of value at participating venues.

The Dublin identity manager uses a decentralized, permissioned blockchain to support the public facing application. The blockchain is supported through a mining process carried out by the City using their own ASIC miners. The Dublin Public Blockchain (a component of the identity manager) is a tokenless platform, used to log all activity pertaining to stored and share records and documents to residents and systems within Dublin. The reward mechanism used to create and distribute tokens is using an implementation the of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), allowing the City to create tokens and fund transactions for a relatively small amount of money.

All together, the City of Dublin's Identity Management project achieves three main goals:
- Establish and demonstrate individual identity and elements of identity of a user.
- Collect, record, store, and report discrete choices and preferences of a user.
- Establish a token of value within an enclosed system of credits and debits.

In the long term, the Dublin Public Blockchain is capable of intergrating with other municipalities hosting their own chain; an integration that can help facilitate the transfer of sensitive information between cities across the country. This project is the building blocks for future blockchain development in the City of Dublin, and likely lays the path ahead for potential development elsewhere in the state of Ohio and abroad.

Services Provided

  • Blockchain Development
  • Token Development
  • MVP Development
  • Custom UI Development
  • User Testing
  • Data Management
  • Project Management
  • Live Public Demos
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