EEC Data Migration

Migrating a pre-existing custom database of financial information into a new application

Purchasing a new software product can be a big, exciting step in terms of standardizing your business's data and getting new tools to work with. However, migrating data from your old system, especially one built in-house, can be expensive or unsupported. That can quickly turn excitement into frustration. This is the position EEC, a local company, was in. So we worked with them to understand both systems involved and migrate the data.

A big part of the challenge here is that we were translating data from a purpose-built database which EEC knew very well to a much more generic database designed to be adapted to the needs of many companies. We were also dealing with different database engines and wildly different ways of storing the same data. In some cases it was unclear whether the new system supported something that existed in the old one.

In the end we were able to migrate their data and work with them to understand how their workflows mapped to the new system. To do this we relied heavily on our engineers' extensive knowledge about databases and their ability to reverse-engineer how data was stored. We also always enjoy working with other companies local to Columbus, especially when we can help resolve a frustrating problem.