An interactive rules engine for geographical data validation

Working with geographical data can come with many more challenges than one might initially expect. To further complicate that, HostGIS works globally with partners across many industries. As a result, their experts needed tools that help ensure they're staying consistent and being as efficient as possible.

Using Drools, we were able to augment their existing systems to ensure that their constraints were always being followed. Too often systems have too many options to reliably keep track of; the rules engine helped pre-populate those fields so they could focus on the problem at hand. This helped cut down on human error and helped to increase confidence in their toolsets. A rules engine was a great choice for this project because it allowed HostGIS to input their rules in a straightforward manner and let the system handle the complexity of how those rules compound.

This project really highlights the ability of our engineers to learn new systems and workflows, and build software systems that encapsulates complexity. No problem is too complex, no system too big.