Mulchify Delivery Manager, Ohio Mulch

A delivery management web application

Mulchify is an inventory and delivery management system developed for landscape product supplier, Ohio Mulch. Built as a web application, Mulchify was designed to provide delivery drivers and managers remote access to Ohio Mulch’s previously non-existent inventory management system via an Android tablet.

The application is integrated with both Shopify and Google maps to give real time updates and information regarding mulch delivery services. Previously, Ohio Mulch had no inventory management systems in place and all delivery routes and receipts were recorded using pen and paper. Additionally all store locations were in charge of managing their inventory manually. The inventory and delivery system has enabled Ohio Mulch’s individual stores to manage and assign delivery drivers routes while enabling each delivery request to be tracked online. When drivers do not have network access, the application employs techniques such as store and forward to update the system.

This application has provided Ohio mulch with insight into daily delivery dispatches by enabling the scheduling of dispatches, planning trips for drivers, editing dispatches and providing better organization of dispatches that do not have a deliver-by date. Additionally, Mulchify has provided Ohio Mulch with better insight into their inventory by providing and synchronizing realtime information about each individual stores inventory, and helping to determine which store can handle overflow capacity for a fixed date.

Services and Technologies

  • Delivery Route Manager
  • Inventory Management System
  • Branded UX / UI
  • Data Management
  • Order Management
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Post Production Support
  • Shopify
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