Scotts Campaign Designer

A web application leveraging Google Maps to visualize prospect locations and plan sales routes

Scott LawnService came to us to try to figure out how they could use prospective customer data to its full potential. After reviewing the data, we realized there was enough information to plot each address on a map and color code it. Using Google Maps and open-source libraries, we provided a tool that allowed them to visalize their data in a tangible way. This was a powerful start, but we knew it was only the beginning.

Working with sales supervisors, we expanded the tool into what is now the Campaign Designer. This enabled supervisors to build sales routes by creating polygons in Google maps. Prospective customers within the polygon would be assigned to a group of salespeople and automatically pushed out to their phones. This not only enabled efficient creation of sales routes, but also allowed routes to be quickly updated when unforseen events affected the route (e.g. bad weather, construction, etc.).

With the Campaign Designer, Scotts LawnService was able to make use of data that was previously intangible, cut down on waste, and improve communication between their employees.