Scotts Call Center Representative (CCR) Application

A web application to manage call center workflows and enable over-the-phone purchases

After the success of our Door-To-Door application, there was interest in a similar tool for Call Center Reps. Our initial thought was that this might be doable with additional roles to the same system but ultimately that was deemed impractical due to the large number of differences in their workflow and data sets.

However, we were still able to leverage large amounts of the existing code base and create a fork with the necessary changes. As a result we were able to assemble and deploy this new application within a relatively short timeframe and customize it to their unique needs.

With their call center reps and door-to-door sales reps on more consistent systems, Scotts LawnService was able to provide a more consistent customer experience. This helped limit awkward transfers and delays, streamlining in the sales process and improving conversion rates.