Scotts Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)

A web application for making safety information available to the public

Scotts Miracle Gro handles many chemicals and as a result is required to have Material Safety Data Sheets on each. These sheets were available in their legacy SAP system but needed to be made publicly available in order to satify regulatory requirements. We integrated with SAP to retrieve the files and their associated metadata and built a public website that allows for searching the catalog of MSDS files.

In order to get the data out of the SAP system we worked with our contacts at Scotts to set up a batch export and sync routine to ensure that the system we were building would always have the most recent files. This allowed us to have more control over the search features and more efficiently serve the files externally.

Finally, as a public website, there was a good deal of scrutiny required to ensure Scotts was comfortable in the security and reliability of the website. Once we passed these checks, we went live with the website.

We were excited to be a part of a safety-related project. Making these files available is important for many reasons and we're glad that we could be a part of it.