Social Network Native Android App Development

At Software Verde we always appreciate an opportunity to partner with other local businesses. For this project, we partnered with another local software company to help create an application that allowed community members to connect and help one another with errands. Knowing that our work could benefit the people around us is always a motivating factor when we get involved in a project and we were happy to help where we could.

After recreating the core UI from the wireframes we received, we began integration with the application's API-in-progress. Over the course of the project, we were able to identify a number of logical inconsistencies and design improved workflows that helped both streamline the user experience and simplify the API development.

We feel this project really highlighted how our expertise in API design, mobile development, and UI design are assets that we bring to the table even when the project doesn't necessarily call for all of those up-front. We're committed to making every project we're a part of a success, and each of our talented engineers brings a breadth of experience that not only gives them a wide comfort zone, but also a preparedness for stepping out of it.