Tidy Duck

An automotive web application supporting the design and integration of on-car utilities

Tidy Duck is an application we built for a large automotive company to manage specifications for communication within intra-vehicle components. The specification for these components is highly complex. The client had a custom set of guidelines for how those components should be used. We solved the application's complexity one piece at a time—building a full-featured web application that allowed the users to input their specifications into intuitive forms.

In addition to the complexity of the output files themselves, the application also manages the client's workflow for creating, reviewing, and approving changes to these components. One of the big challenges of building this application was designing a user interface that allows for accurate manipulation of the technical data structure while maintaining an intuitive layout. Remaining flexible was key, and we worked to strike a balance between permissive data storage and cautious validation at data boundaries.

This project really highlights the ability of our engineers to learn new systems and workflows, and build software systems that encapsulates complexity. No problem is too complex, no system too big.

Services and Technology Provided

  • MVP Development
  • Data Management
  • Custom Workflow Design
  • Permissioned Account Management
  • Production Support
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